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Intergalactic Network Engineer (INE), is a terminal sim where you play as a network engineer in intergalactic space. Your main workstation is a terminal that was built in 1978. It was designed to connect to the Intergalactic Computer Network (ICN). The ICN was supposedly turned into ARPANET, and then the Internet, but in this reality the ICN was locked away in a secret R&D lab, were lead scientist Joseph Hill and his team were tasked with creating the literal Intergalactic Computer Network. A network that would allow connectivity from anywhere in the universe.

You begin the game as a new employee for the Intergalactic Internet Service Provider (IISP). You aren't given much direction as to what you will be doing as an INE, but you do understand that it will have something to do with the Intergalactic Packet Sniffing application you have on your desktop. The deeper you dig into this application, the more you realize that you are part of something bigger than only being a monitor of the ICN.

The game's main objective is for you to connect to any of the randomly generated ships. Each ship has at least one spy on board, and it's up to you to find them, and take them down. As time progresses on the ship you're currently monitoring, the spy (or spies) are slowly poisoning and killing the ship's crew. You have access to the ship's command console which helps tremendously when searching for spies. With this console you can do various things, like checking crew logs to see who crew members have been talking to, and color coding crew members you think are innocent, and those you think could be spies. Outside of using the command console, you can also monitor the behavior of the crew members for anything suspicious. Spies tend to keep more to themselves, and are always within the vicinity of crew members that become sick or die due to poisoning. You can use crew member behaviors to better guess who the spies might be, and therefore speed up your detection rate.

Once you think you've found a spy, you lock them in containment, and use the /kill command to take them out. Once someone dies there true identity is shown, and at that point you'll know if you were right or wrong in your suspicions.


  • Randomly generated ships, all with unique IPv6 addresses.
  • A randomly generated crew for each ship.
  • A desktop environment that'll make you feel like you're on the most advanced terminal to come out of the 70s.
  • A command prompt that helps you sniff out spies that have infiltrated ships and plan to sabotage them.
  • A new experience with each ship you connect to.
  • Game saving for a prolonged experience.

If you have any questions, or find any bugs. Contact me at: OddlyBrightSupp@gmail.com


Buy Now$0.50 USD or more

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Thanks DocRask! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

There aren't too many major secrets in the game (outside of the ones you probably already came across). There is the occasional small thing placed here and there, but most of those are subtle, and easy to miss (and not too notable).

I might add more later on, seeing as there are a lot of places to put them throughout the game. Hard to say when that would be however.